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Restoration Process
Can Save You Money!

When fire or water damages beautiful fine furniture, Steamatic's refinishing or restoration services can be less than the cost of replacement. From commercial to residential catastrophes, Steamatic is your TOTAL restoration team.

Our first step in the residential or commercial restoration process is the removal of water and fire damaged debris. Emergency preservation procedures for items that quickly deteriorate are then promptly implemented.

Steamatic's next objective is to preserve, protect and secure your property and possessions from hazards, weather, vandalism and additional damage caused by prolonged exposure to water or soot fallout.

After a decision is made whether to restore your property on location or pack it out, Steamatic oversees any property storage requirements. we also arrange for clothing restoration, which includes deodorizing and then dry cleaning or laundering.

Our services include...

  • Carpet, furniture and drapery cleaning.
  • Wall, floor, ceiling and fixture cleaning.
  • Heating and air conditioning system decontamination and odor control.
  • Deodorization and decontamination
  • Appliance restoration.
  • Electronic equipment corrosion control.
  • Wood refinishing and restoration.
  • Document restoration.

Steps to Take
Property Damage

Wet Carpet Restoration

Call Steamatic to:

  1. remove and dry carpeting on location or in our plant.
  2. Remove and dispose of pad.
  3. Treat floor and damaged walls for odor, mildew, mold and fungus.
  4. Re-lay carpet over new pad
  5. Clean and deodorize carpet

Flood Damage

Follow these important steps:

  1. Eliminate source of rising water or broken pipes
  2. If necessary call plumber or water utility
  3. Remove water and elevate furniture and draperies
  4. Survey damage
  5. Call Steamatic to perform wet carpet, fabric and hard surface cleaning; electronic equipment corrosion control; and document restoration.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Follow these important steps

  1. Immediately turn off heating and air conditioning system to prevent migration of soot and odor. if you must use your system, change the air filter first.
  2. Do not let anyone touch or sit on upholstered furniture
  3. Be certain the building is secure
  4. Call Steamatic for assistance


Follow these important steps:

  1. Secure building
  2. If food is on furniture:
    1. Remove it from wood or painted surfaces
    2. Call Steamatic to remove it from fabrics