The Steamatic Story

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founder.gif (3798 bytes)In 1948, two Fort Worth business men decided they would start a carpet cleaning business. From the beginning, it was obvious that the company, Blackmon Mooring Steamatic, would be different -- innovative. Bill Blackmon and Scott Mooring built a reputation for high standards and reliability that soon made them the leaders in the cleaning and restoration fields.

But just cleaning was not enough. The equipment and methods used in the cleaning process just did not seem good enough in the founders opinion. The two men continually worked to develop new methods that would remove the dirt and odors found in both homes and offices. As their market expanded, an idea developed -- sell their unique approach through franchise opportunities. Then people around the world would be able to take advantage of their experience and knowledge.

In 1968, Blackmon and Mooring formed Steamatic, Inc. to market franchises featuring this unique, new cleaning method. Combining their years of experience with this new cleaning technology, Blackmon and Mooring were able to provide a valuable opportunity to franchisees.

Work continued on development of Steamatic's unique cleaning process. Then in 1974, Steamatic applied for, and was granted its first U.S. Patent. It involved the Lambrite apparatus and later the Lambrite dry cleaning process. Since that time, Steamatic has been granted 21 additional patents in the United States, Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Japan, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Spain and Switzerland.

boys.GIF (10917 bytes)Through the leadership of the Blackmon and Mooring families, Steamatic continues to grow. Over the years as a cleaning need was identified, Steamatic would draw upon its worldwide resources to meet the challenge. One such need was the issue of Indoor Air Quality in both commercial and residential buildings. Steamatic saw this need over 25 years ago and began to develop the resources to meet it head on.

Steamatic is now located in 20 countries and expanding farther every day. In Europe, Steamatic franchises operate under the name BMS Technologies.

map_green.gif (385 bytes) Steamatic was founded by Mr. William Blackmon II and Mr. Scott Mooring. They are still active in the company. Their sons; Scott Mooring III, Kirk Blackmon, Bill Blackmon III and Greg Blackmon now own and oversee operations of all the divisions.
map_green.gif (385 bytes) Steamatic holds over 21 patents on our equipment and processes.
map_green.gif (385 bytes) Steamatic franchises are currently located in 20 countries.

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